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AI-BSBB2023 will focus on the advances and innovations in the multi-disciplinary areas of biotechnology for sustainable development. Topics include:

EBEnergy Biosciences
EBCCEnvironment Biotechnology and Climate Change
IMBIndustrial Microbiology and Biotechnology
FABFood and Agricultural Biotechnology
BCBBioinformatics and Computational Biology
MPBMedical and Pharmaceutical Biotechnology

This conference crafts a collaborative surrounding in which you can design a stable relationship across boundaries of biological research with improvised bioengineering skills.

Assess the global consideration and strategies in Energy biotechnology.
Renovate with industrial biotechnology and understand its production.
Get the latest insights on the climate change.
Discover novel waste management and bioremediation techniques.
Discover how food and agri-techniques is helpful in improvising farming productions.
Acknowledge successful medicinal biotechnology strategies to overcome autoimmune diseases, genetic diseases and immunological responses.
Engage with futuristic nano-biotechnology research.
Support biosphere by introducing positive steps for biological diversity.
Understand mutual functionality of omics studies on In Silico platform.
Build on existing partnerships and design a new collaboration among industry academia globally
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